Startup Funding And Partnering

Do You Have A Good Business Startup Idea?

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Are You Looking For Startup Funding?

Partner with us by selecting one of these business startup funding models below: 

(i) a loan from us which is repayable when your company becomes profitable. This allows you, as the entrepreneur, to own 100% of your business. Or

(ii) the loan is provided in exchange for a portion of your business. The benefit of this model is that the capital is not repayable since you become business partners with QFS.

With either model we will navigate the hurdles together. If you are worried that your amount is too small for us. Don’t be! Click the button below and send us a message.

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Are You Looking For Business Partners?

We will partner with you as you navigate the many pitfalls of starting a business. 

Let us assist with company registration, website creation, web-hosting and logo designs.

We provide the following services related to continuous financial assistance, advice and support to ensure that you can focus on the core business:

  • Accounting and tax support.
  • Tax registration with SARS.
  • Financial process design and implementation.
  • Audit on existing processes.

If you are curious about why accounting is important for startups then check out this article.